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Our law firm specializes in representing clients in bankruptcy, personal injury, and foreclosure defense. We have recovered millions of dollars for our injury clients and our bankruptcy department has filed over 10,000 bankruptcy cases. We are the largest filer of bankruptcies in Central Florida and in the top twenty of the nation but yet in every case you will me with me or one of our experienced attorneys in a FREE consultation.

When you hire me I will be responsive and attentive to your calls and questions. I will return phone calls and be in my office when you need me. I do not golf nor do I take much time off. I am not a trust fund baby. My parents are not doctors and lawyers. They were hard working middle class people before they both passed away while I was in law school over 10 years ago. I am a nice generous person that will treat you with respect. I am married and a father of a 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. When I am not spending time with my family I will be in my office working ON YOUR CASE. You are my client but you are also my employer—I WORK FOR YOU and will work as hard as possible to make you feel I will be your go to lawyer for the rest of your life.

I have extensive experience in what you want to hire me for having filed and handled over 14,000 bankruptcies, foreclosures, and personal injury cases. I will fight for you.

I established this firm to be the kind of place where clients can feel comfortable and happy about their representation. Our mission in creating the Benenati Law Firm is to provide exceptional legal services at an affordable rate for Central Florida residents.

I earned my juris doctorate law degree in 2006 and passed the Florida Bar Exam on my first attempt. During law school, having to work full-time waiting tables and rely on credit cards to make ends meet, I personally filed bankruptcy almost ten years ago to give myself an opportunity for a fresh start. I have been representing Central Florida residents ever since in legal matters in the areas of Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, and Foreclosure Defense.

We are a trusted referral source for any legal matter you may need.

Please let me earn your trust and have the opportunity to help you in your legal matter today. Please contact us to set up a FREE consultation at one of our offices in Orlando or Kissimmee.

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