Are you are wondering, “what are my bankruptcy options?” We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you understand what bankruptcy can do for you, and the types of bankruptcy options available.


What You need to Know about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a complicated process, and there are limits on what bankruptcy can and cannot accomplish for you.

Bankruptcy CAN

  • Wipe out some unsecured debt, like medical bills and credit cards
  • Stop collection attempts

Bankruptcy CAN’T

  • Eliminate student loan debts, child support or tax debts
  • Prevent a second creditor from repossessing assets


Bankruptcy Options for Individuals

There are two types of bankruptcies available to individuals: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7: Liquidation

The goal of Chapter 7 is to liquidate the debtor’s assets (with some exclusions) to pay off some debts quickly.

Following are examples of assets allowed for liquidation

  • Collections of valuable items, like coins or vintage toys
  • Equipment to support the debtor’s hobbies, like musical instruments
  • Money in savings accounts
  • Second homes and cars

Following are examples of assets NOT allowed for liquidation

  • Household appliances
  • Jewelry, up to a certain amount
  • Vehicles, up to a certain amount
  • Public benefits
  • Pensions


Chapter 13: Adjustment of Debts of an Individual with Regular Income

Chapter 13 is the alternative option for debtors who do not qualify for Chapter 7, such as people with regular income in the mid- to high-income bracket. There are some restrictions for Chapter 13, and not everyone will qualify. With Chapter 13, the debtor works to create a court-approved repayment plan that includes prioritizing certain debts, proving his or her ability to follow the plan, and putting all disposable income towards repaying debts. Chapter 13 takes 3 or 5 years to complete.

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