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Financial Success After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting process, and recovery from bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Fortunately, financial success after bankruptcy IS possible, and can happen faster than many realize.

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How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Bankruptcy comes at a time when money is tight, so it’s no wonder that many people worry over the cost of filing. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

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Considering Bankruptcy?

Considering bankruptcy? Bankruptcy can mean a fresh start for many, but it’s best to know as much about the process as possible before filing.

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Considering Bankruptcy? What NOT to Do

Are you struggling with overwhelming debt, and wondering if bankruptcy is your best option? Now is the time to take proper action, and avoid major mistakes. Here’s a list of what NOT to do when considering bankruptcy. Don’t be dishonest about...

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Car Loans & Bankruptcy

For people considering bankruptcy, one of the biggest fears is, “What will I do about a car?” This eBook has the answers to that question and more!

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Success After Bankruptcy

Read the stories of 12 famous people whose lives changes because of bankruptcy, and learn how bankruptcy can be an opportunity to turn your life around.

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Wells Fargo Accounts & Bankruptcy

Why does Wells Fargo freeze my account if I file bankruptcy? Learn more about the “administrative hold” that Wells Fargo may place on your account when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Payday Loans & Bankruptcy

Many people ask if they are allowed to discharge payday loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Learn more about this process from Attorney Bryan Mickler.

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